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Iceland Aurora

Iceland Aurora is a visual tour de force. It was shot in more than 60 different locations around Iceland and put together from over 100.000 individual images. The process took over 3 years, and it is really a labour of love, and you can tell. The film is not a representation of reality, but hyper-reality. Timelapse sequences are put together from thousands of images and usually each second of video is equal to appr. 3-5 minutes in realtime on average.

Now. From a composer's view, jobs like this are a dream. When you compose to images as beautiful as these, inspiration comes easy and quick. Truth be told, I still put this footage up when I'm composing something else, and need visual inspiration. 

The Iceland Aurora soundtrack includes 3 tracks specifically composed for the film, as well as tracks from Icelandic duo Kajak and ambient maestro Yagya

If you are interested in seeing and hearing more, you can find the film on Vimeo's VOD here, and view the trailer for free:

And here is a playlist of the tracks. I hope you enjoy. 


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